Thursday, 5 July 2012

In the UK

Thank you Jesus we are here!!! The last few weeks of lecture phase were amazing but I'm glad we're finally here!!

We stayed at The King's Lodge YWAM Base in Nuneaton last night. The base is beautiful. It's an old English mansion or hotel. Three floors, beautiful rooms, hardwood floors, gorgeous lounges, green fields. I feel like I'm in an olde English film!! There's a Performing Arts DTS here from Amsterdam. They are very cool and it looks like we may be doing some street ministry with them :)

This afternoon we are taking the train to Coventry. We will be staying at Grace Baptist Church for the next month before we head to London for the Olympics. Coventry is football (soccer) center for the Olympics. It's also the doorstep for all our church, school and street ministries that we will be doing over the next month.

For now we are relaxing and trying to recharge offer 48 hrs of traveling. Tomorrow the real fun begins. Please pray for us as we continue to trust for finances, VISAs, and other needs.

With all this rest I will have no problems with my voice giving out before my heart does!

God bless