Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just another day

For some people, February 14th is a day to celebrate that "special someone" in your life.  You buy them gifts and cards and spend some extra time with them to show just how much you really love and appreciate them.

For others, it is a day to dwell on loneliness.  To do everything within their power to forget that they don't have a "special someone".  A person to buy them gifts and cards and to spend extra time with to know how much they are really loved.

Yesterday I would have put myself in that second category, but today, things have changed.  I no longer feel the need to dwell on not having a guy on my arm to buy me roses and all that other stuff (that quite frankly could be done every other day of the year).  For me, Valentine's day is becoming just another day.  I will get up, go to work, go home, have a killer work out, and go to bed.  It won't be any more or less special, it will just...be.

Leading worship at EFFEKT (the college and carrier group at Dakota Community Church) tonight was tough. I've had a challenging week and that always makes it a little harder to get into leading.  As I was putting together the worship slides, I felt very... at peace.  Even though I had been having an increasingly hard time with the approach of "V Day", ready and typing out the lyrics to some of my favorite worship songs seemed to sooth the aches I didn't know I was feeling. 

I am not on this earth to be some guys trophy, or to spend all my time dating trying to find "the one".  I am on this earth serve my God with my whole heart! I am here to be His... period.  No matter how lonely I feel in a moment of weakness, I am never truly alone.  I don't need to go around trying to find "the one" because He already found me.  I would much rather spend my days singing and worshiping Him.  Thanking Him for all the wonderful things He has done for me and for all the gifts He has given me. 

I just realized something... maybe Valentine's day will be a special day.  Maybe I'll spend a little extra time with my Father up above.  Show Him how much I really love Him and am grateful for Him in my life.  I will read, pray and sing until I can't make a sound anymore. Then I will continue to worship Him in my heart because...

my voice gives out before my heart does

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  1. Your earthly father is also only a phone call away. If you need to talk, share a meal, or just be with an older man, I'm there for you.